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4 Top Most Affectionate Dog Breeds to be Kept as ESAs - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals. Aren’t they just lovely? They love you, care for you, and provide you the thing you need the most in life when you feel troubled. However, I think that dogs are by far the best animals to keep as an esa letter for housing.

While cats can act cold and bunnies create a mess, a dog will always be man’s best friend and love you no matter what.

But the thing is that even dogs come in different breeds. So, today, I am going to introduce you to the most affectionate dog breeds that you can keep as an ESA to help you combat the worst of times.

Here they are!

Breed #1: Golden Retriever

Well, I suppose this does not come as a surprise, at all!

Golden retrievers are well known for being all affectionate with their owners and humans in general. This is exactly why they are the top family dogs.

They are easy to train and are very smart. You can play with them for as long as you want and they would love it. They love the snuffle mat for dogs because it keeps them occupied while you get your work done. So, really! There is no downside to these dogs.

They really are the best.

Breed #2: Alaskan Klee Kai

Surprised? Me too.

See! These dogs look like little wolves so people expect them to act like wolves but that is not the case with them.

They are so loving that the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America has warned people that these dogs become TOO attached to their owners and love to be around their humans at all times.

Isn’t that simply adorable? So, if you have a mental health condition and you’re looking for an ESA, these dogs are the perfect option for you. So get that ESA letter as soon as possible just so that you can have them with you all the time to provide you the support you need.

Breed #3: Rottweiler

This is also a surprise.

You see the media really gives these sweethearts a bad reputation. They are depicted as the dogs one should be afraid of but they really are loving.

They are suspicious of strangers but only because they love their owners so much and just want to protect them at all costs.

They love to cuddle with their owners and shower them with all the affection they need.

Really, a rottweiler will be a great ESA if only they are given the chance to show their loving nature.

Breed #4: Newfoundland

Oh, these great beasts would scare the wits out of anyone but you really do not need to be scared.

All you need to do is hug these dogs to know how affectionate they are.

They love hugs, and they love children most of all so they are the perfect ESA if you live with a family.

They are like your own personal, living, breathing teddy bear that you can cuddle with whenever you like.

But they also require loads of activity.

Bonus Breed: Pitbull

Ok, so I couldn’t just leave the Pitbull out of the list. They have just misunderstood babies.

Really! Much like the Rottweilers, Pitbulls too are seen as fierce creatures and this makes humans uncomfortable around them.

But Pitbulls are warm. They are loyal and they are actually goofy.

They just need someone who will socialize with them, and then they turn into the best companions for anyone who needs an ESA.

So, don’t be scared and go ahead to pick the best pick for you.

There you have it.

Now you have the extremely difficult job of selecting an emotional support animal letter but trust me that any of these beauties will do just fine.

Once you have done that, you will need your letter and for that, you will have to go online.

Make sure to find a legit website that connects you with a licensed mental health practitioner who is authorized to grant you your letter.

Then you can easily enjoy the company of your doggo. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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