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The Nectary provides plant and flower based beverages overflowing with life giving nectar for solar -powered people. We are the first health bar in this Planetary Biosphere to be cross-pollinated and inspired by ancient to modern modalities of healing... consciously extracting nutrients from nature and distilling them into an abundance of nectarous offerings. 


In harmonizing with the ancient lineage of Nature's self-organizing intelligence

(aka flowering plants) we create an exhilarating opportunity for you to

restore, rebalance, regenerate, rejuvenate, replenish, revitalize your body

by imbibing the elemental power of plants, herbs, flowers, cultures & microbes.


The Nectary is raising the consciousness of our community by providing Pranic nourishment in the form of liquid sunlight, that truly feeds your body.mind.spirit...

infusing every cell of your evolutionary being with bioavailable, phytonutrient dense,

enzyme rich, vitamins and minerals intentionally prepared into mouth watering

and soul satisfying alchemical creations of pure food and drink. 


We are committed to impeccably responsible, ecologically sound, and ethical business practices, supporting local organic farmers as much as humanly possible

while demonstrating a new paradigm of healthy living. 


Come directly to the source of life giving nectar and discover what synergistic combinations lead to the deepest satisfaction. Allow yourself to explore what your body.mind.spirit desire in this delicious moment, and allow the Nectary provide it with love and gratitude!

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