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Our Nourishing Juice & Whole Food Cleanses


Bee Kind

Focused around plant-based foods and juices, the Bee Kind cleanse is designed to bring you back into balance. Throughout the day, you will be consuming nutrient-dense foods to keep hunger at bay while flooding your body with ultimate nutrition. Bee Kind is great for beginner cleansers, to transition to the cleansing process, as well as veteran cleansers, who are easing back into their diet post cleanse. 


(2) Juices

(1) Smoothie

(1) Kefir

(1) Wellness Shot

Hummus & crackers

Nourish Bowl

Your choice of vegan lunch option: kale salad, coconut rolls or wei qi soup


Bee Light

The gateway to juice cleansing, Bee Light focuses on cold pressed juices during the day, a simple yet nourishing dinner option and healthy fats to help reduce cravings. Whether it’s the result of an indulgent weekend or for cleansing maintenance, Bee Light provides your body with readily available nutrients and eases the digestive fire.  


(4) Juices

(1) Nut Mylk

(1) Kefir

(1) Amazeball

(1) Wellness Shot

Your choice of raw, vegan dinner option: kale salad or coconut noodles


Bee Rejuvenated

Bee Rejuvenated is our OG cleanse, an all liquid, nutrient rich juice cleanse. This cleanse allows you to customize your daily selection of cold pressed juices. The cleansing process is supported by a probiotic rich kefir and homemade nut mylk, to provide sustenance and added nutrition during the day.


(5) Juices 

(1) Kefir

(1) Nut Mylk

(1) Wellness Shot

All cleanses are $85/day and can be ordered up to 5 days at a time.

Ordering Process


To order, please email us at

Currently, we are accepting cleanse orders Monday 8:30 AM through Friday 4:30 PM

Any cleanse order received after Friday at 4 PM will be received the following Monday morning after 8:00 AM.

Thank you for your understanding!


Our ordering system is a three step process: 

1. A juicing team member will respond to your initial email with a form to gather your information, preferred cleanse, cleanse pick up date and time.


2. Upon receiving your general order information, a juicing team member will send you an order form to gather your preferred food and/or beverage preferences for your cleanse. 

3. Upon receipt of you order form, you will be sent an invoice through Square. Once paid, your cleanse order will be confirmed and added to our calendar. You will also receive a confirmation email, with a. recommended cleansing sequence and helpful cleansing information. 

We kindly ask all cleanses are confirmed and paid for at least 24 hours in advance of your start date. 

Additional Support

For additional support, we recommend several local businesses. Please visit their website or contact them directly for more information, services and pricing options. 


Bliss Organic Day Spa

Offerings include body treatment, massages, facial, and much more




Sebastopol Community Acupuncture 

Offerings include community acupuncture, herbal medicine and cupping




Sebastopol Wellness Center

Offerings include massage therapy and colon hydrotherapy



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