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Introducing the "Vitality Elixir"

Before diets became diets and nutrition was filled with trends and fads, dietary habits were quite simple. Communities hunted, gathered and consumed foods from their surroundings. For some, these foods were gathered from local bodies of water and for others, these foods were hunted within woods and fields. Our ancestors consciously consumed for survival. Rather than focusing on a particular style of eating, they used a nose to tail approach, incorporating all parts into daily life. If it was not edible, it was made into clothes and weapons or transformed into shelter. Herein lies the origin of the healing elixir, bone broth.

Many cultural diets centered around a simmering pot, where the bones of an animal were boiled with water, herbs and spices. In Greece, an egg, lemon and chicken broth based soup was the traditional remedy for colds. Many Jewish kitchens hailed chicken broth as the “Jewish penicillin”. Across Asia, communities were adding animal bones to miso soup or making beef broth on its own. Ancient tradition of preparing broth avoided food waste and provided well rounded nutrition, though that was not the intention at the time. As the food industry became modernized, many cultures lost the practice of heating animal bones. The simmering pot gave way to an industrialized, canned version, with significantly less cooking time and inadequate nutrition. The study of how our ancestors lived has resurrected many dietary habits that were lost as our food system became industrialized. Bone broth is just one of them.

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Now you might be wondering why bone broth is so highly regarded. ​​Our grocery stores have been offering stock for years, what’s so special? Traditional stock can be made by simmering vegetables and/or meat scraps for a few hours. Bone broth is simmered with the bones for a minimum of 12 hours, often times double or triple that time. The process of making bone broth extracts all the vital nutrients from the bones, that would otherwise not be available.

Science is beginning to validate the ancestral and anecdotal evidence about bone broth. Turns out your Grandma’s famous chicken noodle soup was brimming with health benefits. Chicken broth, in particular, contains anti-inflammatory properties that fight against respiratory distress. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, creator of the GAPS protocol, recommends bone broth because of its ability to seal the gut lining and reduce harmful gut overgrowth. As the bones simmer, the breakdown of connective tissues releases collagen and gelatin. Collagen is a structural protein found in skin and connective tissue. Collagen rich foods benefit hair, skin and nails, and joint and gut health. Gelatin is another structural protein with the same amino acid content as collagen but a different composition. These amino acids include glycine, proline and glutamine. Gelatin has longer chain amino acids, whereas collagen contains shorter chains. Studies show the positive effects of gelatin on gut inflammation. One of the amino acids, glycine, has been shown to help repair the intestinal lining. Aside from these anti-inflammatory proteins, bone broth is rich in minerals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. These minerals are vital to a myriad of internal functions. Bone broth is regarded as a vitality elixir as it benefits our joints, gut, skin, metabolic health, liver and kidney function, and immune function.

If there’s one thing you should know about us,

we will always choose quality over quantity, no exceptions.

Photo Credit: The Bone Broth Company

The Bone Broth Company rides the same wavelength. The locally owned company began in 2013 with founders Cesar Vernier and Mudita Kristy Hinton. The bones are sourced from local, pastured, grass-fed, grass finished, organic animals raised in Sonoma and Marin County. Over 20 herbs, vegetables and spices are added into the cooking process. All these components are sourced from local, organic and sustainable farmers. Even the water is sourced with intention: alkaline water from Cobb Mountain. Intention. Hand picked ingredients each contribute a healing benefit to the end product. Every batch in made in surgical stainless steel and simmered for 24-60 hours. Why? To ensure it is gelatin rich and full of flavor. We are proud supporters of The Bone Broth Co, a local and sustainable company that is in alignment with our ethos.


About The Bone Broth Company:

Cesar Vernier and Mudita Kristy Hinton, founders of The Bone Broth Company, came together with the mutual dream to nourish their community using local, organic, & seasonal. They each have rich backgrounds in healing culinary arts and bring their passion and dedication for vibrant radiant health and sustainability to all that they do with the company.

Cesar Vernier is a wellness chef with over twenty-five years experience combined as a restaurant, retreat and personal healing foods chef. He has mastered the fine art of creating nutrient dense healing foods utilizing local, organic, & seasonal ingredients. His understanding of culinary arts is steeped in ancestral knowledge with roots in El Salvador and France. Growing up in El Salvador he spent countless hours in the kitchen learning from his Salvadorian mother, chef and restaurant owner, his grandmother, a true curandera as well as his French father, also a chef and restaurant owner. In El Salvador back then, creating menus using local and seasonal foods was the only way. His vision for The Bone Broth Company is to bring healing traditional broths back to their rightful place as the basis for nutrient dense meals and as a daily healing elixir.

Mudita is a Nutrition Consultant and healing foods chef. She has over twenty years in the natural health field including working as the kitchen manager and lead chef at Heartwood Institute, as a wellness chef at healing retreats in Montana and British Columbia. While launching The Bone Broth Company, Mudita was working full time at the Ceres Community Project and studying nutrition at Bauman College. Currently Mudita is busy managing The Bone Broth Company, teaching classes, and seeing clients. Her focus is in restoring whole, organic, nutrient dense foods to the forefront of health.

We are forever grateful for the support of all the customers that have been supporting us over the years and look forward to serving more across Northern California to the entire nation. Bone broth popularity has been resurrected. There was a time, not too long ago, when nourishing stock made from scratch at home was an essential part of just about every meal consumed in this country and the world. It provided the true base for soups, gravies, and stews. With the disappearance of the local butcher as well as the invention of MSG, we unfortunately lost the tradition of this fabulous super food. We, at The Bone Broth Company are happy to serve the community with what we call the “Vitality Elixir” or elixir of life for your health and convenience.

To connect with the Bone Broth Company, visit their Facebook or Instagram.

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